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We are aware that as a Design company, our line of work does have an impact on the environment through printing technologies, packaging and hardware devices. However, we have recognised that the impression of our environmental footprint can be controlled and reduced through monitoring our resources effectively. The responsibility for managing, maintaining and implementing our environmental policy lies with every Clear22 staff member and we ensure this is engaged throughout our company.

Through recycling, carefully considered printing and simply turning out the lights when not in use, we are all doing our part to keep our environmental footprint to a minimum. Equally, we welcome new concepts and processesfrom our suppliers who also show an awareness of these matters. Where possible we prefer to use lithographic printers that embrace water-based ink technologies. Whenever possible we take measures to ensure the products we use are recyclable and are disposed of properly.

For our print projects we also try to select papers and boards that are FSC accredited and we always ask the printers we use about their own measures they take to ensure a good, practical level of awareness is in place.

With the shift in more correspondence being done via email than physical meetings these days our business mileage has been dramatically reduced. Even so, our own company car policy is kept in focus by consciously choosing low-emission vehicles as much as possible for the miles we drive.

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